February 12, 2019 Program Features Bill Hussey


The old Schoolhouse Rock song says he’s just a Bill but we know him as “Bill Hussey!”  Bill is a local community member who is very active in all things political.  He is he founder and current Vice President of the Llano Tea Party.  He will give a presentation about the steps involved for a bill to become law, how we can become involved and the current mandate shared by Texas Republicans to KEEP TEXAS RED!

Join us for lunch at the Llano Library on February  12th at 12 noon.  Lunch is $10.

A message from our Membership Chair:

Hey Friend!

Let me tell you, I am excited about the dynamic new leadership of HLRW this year!  This club prays for our state and for our country and reaches out in various ways to our community (school kids and Vets).

The monthly meetings (2nd Tuesday at the Llano Library at noon) offers speakers to learn from about laws and leadership in local, state and federal governments, and the opportunity to fellowship with each other over the $10 catered lunch.

Texas is very important in the national elections.  So, let us unite to keep Texas Red (Conservative)!!!  Even if you belong to another club, come all to our efforts while we commit to all to yours!

I hope to see your sweet face on Feb 12th.  Mark your calendar!

Sincerely, Eva Carter, Membership Chair


Dalton Ward is Awarded HLRW 2015 Scholarship

Scholarship presentationOn May 27, 2015, HLRW awarded a $1000 scholarship to Dalton Ward, a local Llano High School Senior.  In August, Dalton enrolled at Texas Tech in Lubbock.  We wish him well in his studies.  Here is a copy of his winning essay:

Right to Feel Secure

While a militia is less of a priority today than it was in 1791 when it was ratified, I still believe in the idea of civilians being able to fend for themselves.  Not only does the 2nd amendment make its supporters feel safer, it also proves useful to them in the event of a catastrophe.

The piece of mind that a firearm can grant its carrier can prevent them from feeling unsafe and unprotected.  Without the ability to defend themselves from a potential attacker or threat, people feel vulnerable and sometime afraid.  The people of America should never feel this way.  According to the fathers of our country it is the duty of the government to ensure the safety and well-being of the governed.  Regardless of if you support the right to bear arms or not, you more than likely agree that we should be able to feel safe in our own home.  For some people, they will not feel safe without a firearm in their home.  These people deserve the right to their firearm, considering they follow all rules and regulations set by the government.

I recognize the fact that some people shouldn’t  have firearms regardless of their rights, people that have killed, are suicidal, or with an extensive criminal record.  Today, firearms are legal; today there are these types of people that are able to obtain firearms.  The reality of it is, is that these people that should not have a gun, have obtained them illegally anyway.  Taking away everyone’s right to bear arms will not totally stop these people from obtaining a firearm.

Our 2nd amendment should be preserved, times have changed from the 1700’s but the amendment is still relevant to today’s world.  To take away our right to bear arms is to take away many people’s sense of security.

-Dalton Ward, May 2015






Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott Pays Hill Country a Visit

WP_20150519_011Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott spoke at the Hill Country Republican Women Spring Luncheon on May 19 at Escondido Golf & Lake Club in Horseshoe Bay. The luncheon is sponsored by Star Republican Women, Highland Lakes Republican Women and Burnet County Republican Women.

Cecilia Abbott is a product of the American Dream. The granddaughter of immigrants from Mexico, Cecilia was raised in San Antonio by parents who were both educators. They instilled in Cecilia, her sister and two brothers the power of education.

Cecilia took the lesson to heart and went on to study at the University of Texas and then earned three degrees from the University of St. Thomas in Houston: a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Theology.

The First Lady has played important roles in education excellence in Texas. She was a teacher, vice principal and then principal at several schools across Texas. Most recently she served as the principal of the Cathedral School of St. Mary in Austin from 1996 to 2001. Governor Perry appointed Cecilia to the State Board of Educator Certification, where she served from 2001 to 2008.

Mrs. Abbott also focused on health care for seniors. From 2004 to 2013, she served as the managing director of community relations at Harden Healthcare, a network of senior adult health care facilities and services.

She serves on the University of St. Thomas Board of Directors and the Huston-Tillotson Board of Directors, as well as the advisory boards for the Holy Trinity Seminary, and the Austin Diocesan School Advisory Board. She is also a member of the Women’s Symphony League, the National Charity League, and the Dell Children’s Women’s Trust. She is a former member of the advisory board for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Ballet Austin and the Principals’ Center at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Cecilia is a classical music devotee, having begun piano training at the age of six. The training came in handy when she moved into the Castilian Dorm at UT where she serenaded her future husband from behind the keyboard with music, the likes of which he had never heard.

Cecilia Abbott made history when her husband Greg became Governor of Texas by becoming the first Latina First Lady of Texas in the history of the state. She is a proud wife and mother. She and Greg have been married for 33 years, and they live in Austin with their daughter, Audrey.

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HLRW Observes Child Abuse Prevention month with an appearance from AG McAfee

Sonny McAfeeSince April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, it was most appropriate to have Sonny McAfee, District Attorney of Blanco, Burnet, Llano and San Saba Counties with us at our April General Meeting.
With his background in criminal justice as a prosecutor, legal advisor, legal expert instructor and, retired lieutenant in the Houston Police Department Homicide Division, he approaches prosecution and law enforcement as a co-operative effort to seek justice for our citizens. He is committed to making the 33rd and 42nd Judicial Districts one of the safest areas in the state with the efforts of concerned citizens, law enforcement officers, and those who serve in the DA’s office.
With him was Stacy Burke who joined the District Attorney’s office from Midland Texas in 2011. She has significant prosecutorial experience and has recently taken over as child abuse prosecutor, which gives her more time to work closely with the Hill Country Children’s Advocacy Center, as well as other professionals dealing with physical and sexual child abuse in the District. She is funded by a grant that the District received from the State of Texas for this purpose.
Both Sonny and Stacy shared details of their work and answered questions voiced by attendees. We thank them for their contribution.


Llano County CourthouseIn Celebration of Texas Independence Day, Highland Lakes Republican Women’s Club will host a talk on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 by newly elected Llano County Judge Mary S. Cunningham.  Judge Cunningham will talk about the structure of local Texas government and the challenges of her office.

Texas Independence Day (March 2) is the theme for this month’s meeting.  We will observe this important Texas event with Texas music, Texas dress and Texas foods. As we lunch, we will hear the story of the Texas Revolution as told on KR Wood’s CD “Fathers of Texas.”  Come in your ranching clothes–hats ‘n’ boots are appropriate but, check your guns at the door.  And, bring Texas snacks to share. Note: chili is the official state dish, salsa is the official state condiment, pecans are the official state nut and grapefruit are the official state fruit.  No reservation is required for lunch and, even though it is a potluck, feel free to join in without a dish. We always have plenty.

Meeting will start at 11:30 AM with Lunch. Program will begin at 12:00 noon. A short business meeting will follow. Meting is at the Llano Library, 102 E Haynie, Llano, Texas 78643 and is open to all interested parties–women and men.  Y’all come and bring a friend or two!

For more information contact Dolores Klussman 325 247-3233 or Ginger Shilts 325 248-3129

HLRW to Hold PM Meeting to Hear Christy Muse of Hill Country Alliance

HCA Christy MuseWe are happy to announce that Christy Muse of the Hill Country Alliance will be speaking to us at our February 10th meeting.

Since 2005, Christy has served as Executive Director of HCA. She travels extensively throughout the Hill Country hosting gatherings of interested stakeholders, speaking at community meetings, participating in educational programs and meeting with landowners and residents alike. Her personal HCA objectives are to weave a network of smart action oriented people who care about this special region, to connect the many valuable conservation initiatives, to avoid redundancy and to create unique informative resources that are shared freely and generously.

Before realizing her passion for a more responsible approach to growth in the Hill Country and co-founding HCA, she owned and operated a professional speaker’s bureau for 10 years. Prior to that, she worked in the meetings and hospitality industry.

She moved to Austin from the Chicago area after graduating from college in 1985, and currently resides near the south shore of Lake Travis with her husband and two boys.

The Hill Country Alliance (HCA) is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to raise public awareness and build community support around the need to preserve the natural resources and heritage of the Central Texas Hill Country. HCA was formed in response to the escalating challenges brought to the Texas Hill Country by rapid development occurring in a sensitive eco-system. Concerned citizens began meeting in September of 2004 to share ideas about strengthening community activism and educating the public about regional planning, conservation development and a more responsible approach growth in the Hill Country.

The Hill Country Alliance promotes responsible and planned growth in a region under tremendous pressure to urbanize. We are neighbors who work cooperatively with landowners, ranchers, developers, conservationists and elected officials to preserve the water quality, water supply and natural beauty of our community. We believe a strong economic future for this region depends on our ability to direct growth in a way that conserves the very resources that make the Texas Hill Country such a desirable place to live. We encourage an open, fair and public process where citizens, neighborhoods and landowners participate in key decisions that will determine the future of our community.

Since the beginning, HCA’s primary activity has been to reach out to inform citizens about current issues relating to growth and development in the Texas Hill Country. As our region has experienced growing pains, we’ve been able to help individuals and community groups by sharing resources and information. We host community meetings about current issues and participate in many regional planning activities. HCA authors and publishes position papers on our Web site which are appropriate and pertinent to our mission. Additionally, we serve as a resource about Hill Country issues for elected officials at state and local levels, and we collaborate regularly with land trusts, groundwater districts, government agencies, environmental groups and landowners.Hill Country Alliance

All interested citizens are welcome to join us.  We meet at the Llano County Library in Llano.  Meeting will begin at 5:30PM with light refreshments and social time.  Call to order will be at 6PM and the program will begin at 6:15.