From the Desk of the HLRW President:

On January 30th, I attended a Town Hall Meeting given by Rep. Mike Conaway.
I was happy to see a number of familiar faces there.  Representing Highland Lakes Republican Women were: Susie and Charie Sitton, Bob Cunningham, Adm. Al Kelln, Nancy Watson and, me (Ginger Shilts).

Congressman Conaway spoke to the crowd concerning issues before the 114th Congress which covened in January, 2015 and will run through December 2016. He expressed his concern that the Republican Congress MUST make a good impression for the American people if we, the Republican Party, intend to lead the Nation and win back the Presidency in 2016.

Issues that were discussed included the failed Partial Birth Abortion Bill, Border Control, Water Security for Texas, Need to improve Health Care, Budget concerns, The Deficit, States Rights and the Nitty Gritty of how Congress works.

Conaway demonstrated a sane approach to all these issues and cautioned against radical solutions that only serve to divide the country. We don’t need or want the Federal government to become involved in local issues no matter how passionate we are about the problem. He expressed the futility of passing bills that have no chance of becoming law just because we can get them through Congress versus passing bills that we know will be vetoed and using that veto as proof that the administration is not willing to compromise. It is a fine line between the two and I, for one, was impressed by how reasonable our Congressman is and how he approaches Hot-Button issues.

Conaway closed with some moving thoughts on “God Bless America” and how when we hear it sung, we should thank God for our blessings and work to insure that these blessings will be there for our grandchildren. I was able to record the last half of this talk and have posted it to our Facebook page. Audio is low and you will have to turn your volume all the way up to hear it.

WP_20150130_018[1] WP_20150130_017[1]

Yours Truly,

Ginger Shilts, President HLRW


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