Wednesday, April 15, 20LD Rep pix 115

We arrived on Wednesday, April 15 for a special appointment. In response to a campaign promise (made by ME), we arranged to meet with Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to present him with a quilt made by the Llano Quilts of Honor Club with cooperation from Highland Lakes Republican Women.
This quilt was fashioned after one that was used as a backdrop at the campaign event put on my the four Llano County Republican clubs back in August, 2014. Then Senator, Dan Patrick admired the quilt and told me that if I made one like it for him, he would hang it in the Capitol. I took him at his word and started the quilt at my first opportunity.
I got donations of fabric from Llano Quilts of Honor and additional funds from HLRW. Then, I recruited my friend, Marla Kelsey of Forget-Me-Not Quilts, to machine quilt the project.
Lt. Gov. Patrick was surprised and very please when we gave him the quilt. He responded by giving each of us a medallion commemorating his inauguration and a patriotic lapel pin like the one he wears.  Sinc then, I have received a very nice thank-you note, too.

ThursdLD Rep pix 2ay, April 16

Thursday was a day filled with activity. We had spent the night in Austin so, we were able to sleep in to a leisurely 6AM before we had to start getting ready to meet the day. Susie Sitton, Debbie Alexander and I had come in from Llano and met up with our old friend, Jolene Hawkins, in Austin the previous day. She had hopped a flight from Odessa to be with us.
Our day began with breakfast and a chance to bid on an array of beautiful gift baskets provided by clubs from across Texas. Our basket, which was put together by Susie Sitton, is pictured here. (Actually, we ended up going out for breakfast because the caterer was stuck in traffic (grrr! You don’t want to be around 600 hungry women at 8:30 in the morning!).
After we found a bite to eat, we headed to the Capitol to visit our legislators and witness government in action. Our Representative, Andy Murr saw us seated in the Gallery and waved a friendly “Hello.” Then, the entire House Gallery, filled with ladies in RED, was recognized and each club was introduced on the floor. Afterward, we went into the halls for pictures and chatted with lawmakers.
Then, it was back to the ATT Conference Center for a luncheon. The luncheon was attended by everyone who is anyone   in Austin including Governor Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick, AG Paxton, Comptroller Hegar, RR Commissioners Craddick and Sitton and many many more. All made it a point to tell us how much they appreciated our help in getting them elected.
After lunch, we attended a seminar about Texas values and were then dismissed.
It was great to see Jolene again and have the chance to visit with our elected officials. Over 600 attended this year’s Legislative Day. The Capitol and both Galleries were filled to the brim with RED! Very impressive!!! LD Rep pix 3

Ginger Shilts


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